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Hightower Trucking Services

We Offer a Range of Trucking Services to Meet Your Needs

At Hightower Trucking, we are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient trucking services to our clients. Our team of experienced drivers and top-of-the-line trucks ensure that your cargo is delivered safely and on time.

Same day, expedited services

Serving Nevada and any project within 250 miles of Las Vegas

Haul Off of Dirt, Concrete, Asphalt and Trash

Haul in Type II Aggregate Base Course, Dirt, Rocks, and All Types of Sand and Gravel

We work with local pits on an emergency or time sensitive basis

Stockpiling of raw dirt and loading services for export

Small Business Support

We are a Minority Disadvantaged Small Business Enterprise.  We provide expedited freight, dirt, concrete and asphalt removal and refined aggregate products to Government, Commercial and Residential Clients.

Fists in Solidarity


Hightower Trucking, Inc. has successfully performed on numerous government contracts.  We are registered on SAM System for Award Management and have also worked through local contractors on Clark County projects.


From bringing in materials to hauling away debris, dump truck drivers perform various critical duties and are a vital part of any successful team. A commitment to safety is key in any job on a construction site.

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